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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Taking public transportation in Haiti is horrible.the body odor is unbearable especially if you’re in for a long haul.

Yeah I see what you mean, the smell of farmers going home after they sweated in the market selling their merchandise, the smell of teachers and students going home after they’ve been in a non-air-conditioned classroom the whole day, the smell of produce,  live chickens and mud on people shoes, and if it’s in the afternoon, the smell of burning garbage in the streets and don’t forget the smell of spicy foods cooking in the street corners , God I miss that :)

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  1. Pou ki sa fe tout Ameriken yo panse ke tout mond lan se menm bagay la tou
    kom metres deye yo? Mwen p ap janm jwenn li?

    Kreyol Lwizyan

    1. Alo bonswa Rachal :)
      Ou itilize bon Kreyol.