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Friday, August 1, 2014

Alright I have a lot of questions for you to answer so please bear with me. 1) I'm going to Haiti very soon, and I am bringing fabric in order to get some pants made. As far as going to a tailor (taye?), what words should I know applying to clothes (width for example).

Length - longè

2) What does danre, ra mean?
     danrevegetables, produce
     raclose to, close to the edge of

3) How do you say "Are you sure"?
   “Eske ou sèten?”

4) I tried using the word pyeje around my parents and they aren't familiar with it. What other words can be used?
   mete pyèj, tann pyèj

5) When you're buying things in Haiti, in what currency is the price usually
labeled?Dola or goud?
    Goud, or dola Ayisyen (Haitian dollar)

6) Konspirasyon?
   Or konbinazon,konplo?
   plot, conspiration

7) Janbe?
To cross, to move across, to cut across

8) How do you say weird, strange, and awkward?

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