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Friday, August 1, 2014

Se poutèt sa m'ap di nou: Jou jijman an, y'a peni nou pi rèd pase moun lavil Tir ak moun lavil Sidon yo. Can you please translate into English? " peni nou pi red pase" kamsahamnida

Bonjou, Kijan ou ye?

I think this is supposed to be “pini pi rèd pase”. With “pini” which means to “punish

The word we should look at here is “rèd” which means “stiff, strenuous, severe, though, hard, etc..”

...pini nou pi rèd pase – punish you more severely than ….

Jou jijman an, y’ap pini nou pi rèd pase moun lavil Tir …..
On judgement day you’ll be punished more severely than the people of Tir …..

The English translation is passive, the Creole is not.

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