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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

At the beginning of a sentence in kreole " se sa k fe'" does that translater as " so" or "there fore " in kreyol?

Se sa k fè - this is why

M te gen tètfèmal se sa k fè m t'al kouche.
I had a headache that's why I went to lie down.

Jezi ap viv nan kè m se sa'k fè kè m kontan konsa.
Jesus lives in my heart that's why I'm so happy.

Moun sa yo se kriminèl se sa'k fè m di w  pa asosye ak yo
These people are criminals, this is why I tell you not to hang out with them.

It's also another way to as why?

Sa k fè sa?
Why is that?

Sa'k fè w tris konsa?
Why are so sad?

Mwen sonje manman m se sa k fè m tris.
I miss my mother that's why I'm sad.

Sa'k fè w twouble konsa?
Why are you so upset?

Men te fè w konfyans men ou ban m manti se sa'k fè m twouble. 
I trusted you but you lied to me that's why I'm upset.

Sa'k fè w malelve konsa?
Why are you so rude?

Mwen pa konnen kouman pou m boule ak moun se sa k fè pafwa m fè malelve.
I don't know how to deal with people that's why sometimes I'm rude.

Sa'k fè w pa ka dòmi?
Why can't you sleep?

Chen w lan jape tout lannuit se sa k fè m pa ka dòmi.
Your dog barks all night that's why I can't sleep.

Sa'k fè ou p'ap lekòl demen?
Why won't you be in school tomorrow?

Mwen dwe ale kay doktè se sa' k fè m p'ap la.
I must go to the doctor that's why I wont be there .

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