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Monday, February 23, 2015

Greeting! I love your website! Thank you for all your posts. I will be going back to Haiti in a few months. One of our objectives will be to paint a school building. Could you help me by giving me some phrases related to painting? (Things like using a ladder, asking for a brush, a more technical details like smoother strokes.) Thank you for your help!

Dakò zanmi.

1. ladder – nechèl, echèl,
2. wall – mi, miray, panno

3. Place the ladder against the wall
    Apiye nechèl la sou mi a.

4Where’s the ladder?
    Kote nechèl la?

5. Be careful so you don’t fall off the ladder.
   Atansyon pou w pa sot tonbe sou nechèl la.

6. paint (n.) – penti
7. to paint – pentire
8. a can of paint – Yon manmit penti
9. paint bucket – bokit penti
10. bucket of paint - yon bokit penti

11. Paint the wall with upward and downward strokes
      Pentire mi an dewo anba

12. crack – fant
13. to crack – fann

14. Repair the cracks and holes in the wall
      Repare fant ak twou ki nan miray la.

15. paint brush – penso
16. paint roller – woulo
17. brush stroke – kout penso

18. How many brushes do we have?
      Konben penso nou genyen?

19. Use smoother brush strokes to achieve a smooth finish.
      Egalize kout penso yo pou penti a ka parèt lis lè li sèch.

20. water-based paint – penti alo
21. oil-based paint – penti aluil

22. to cover with plaster – masonnen
23. to cover the ceiling with plaster – masonnen plafon an

24. to peel – dekale
25. peeling pent – penti dekale
26. Scrub the peeling paint. – Foubi penti ki dekale yo.

27. one coat (of paint) – yon kouch
28. a coat of paint – youn kouch penti
29. to apply two coats (of paint) – bay de kouch penti

30. Apply one coat of paint and let it dry overnight.
     Bay mi an yon kouch penti enpi kite l fin seche aswè a

31. We’ll apply the second coat the next day.
      N’a bay dezyèm kouch penti an nan demen.

32. painter (professional house painter) – bòs pent

33. Wash the brushes with soapy water.
       Rense penso yo ak dlo savon.

34. Wash the paint roller with lots of water and let it dry.

       Rense woulo penti ak bonkou  dlo enpi kite l seche.

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