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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Mandaly, Okay. I cannot help myself! I have yet another question on how to write properly. I was looking at one of .....


Okay.  I cannot help myself!  I
have yet another question on how to write properly.

I was looking at one of
your answers to me, and you wrote, "Antouka".  I was just writing to you, and I
wrote "an tout ka".

Of course, you know why I did this, because I know (in
the back of my head) that this is at least three separate words in French.  Even
in Creole (if we forget French), "tout" and "ka" both can stand by themselves as
separate words.

My question:  is when are words combined as you have done and
when are words separated when dealing with common


Mandaly says:

This word may be written as 'antouka' or 'an tou ka'. So you were not totally off.  A lot of ‘compound’ words or concepts in French may be written as one word in H. Creole. It may be because the parts that make up the whole word or concept are not Haitian Creole words.
Example: Lune de miel –  we may  say lindemyèl or lin de myèl
 Other examples are: tranblemanntè, labib, laviktwa, monkonpè, lakansyèl, dekiprevyen, lafendimonn, alafen, etc….. 

I also wanted to add not to confuse compound French words/concept with compound H. Creole words:

Compound H. Creole words are tèt ansanm, chita tande, pote kole, mayi moulen, lese frape. 
Compound H. Creole words are not written as one string of words, the words are written separately.  

Other compound H. Creole words you write it as one or two words depending on the meaning
I like Dr. Degraff's example: ti fi or tifi?

Li se you ti fi.
Li pa tifi.
'ti fi' and 'tifi' here don't have the same meaning

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