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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

This is actually not a question. I just want to express my appreciation.......

"This is actually not a question. I just want 
to express my appreciation for the time and effort that goes into this blog
site. I have been using your site as a resource for a WHILE now (maybe 2 years)
and it has been an enormous help to me!! I think it probably takes a lot to be
diligent and consistent with something like this, and I just want you to know
how grateful I am to you, as I'm sure, many others are as well!! For the last 5
years, I have worked with an orphanage on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince. I
travel there maybe a couple times a year. At first, even though I didn't
understand a WORD that was said, it was absolutely amazing getting to know the
kids and watching them grow --- that is, until body language and hugs could no
longer bridge the gap left by the language barrier. I was desperate to
communicate with them on a deeper level and this blog site has been a HUGE aid
in helping me do just that!! Mwen toujou gen anpil aprann, men, kounyea lè m wè
timoun yo, mwen ka konprann majorite yo di mwen a e piti a piti map aprann
kiminike kè mwen avèk yo. Thank you for what you are doing here :) God

Mandaly says:  Mèsi anpil. I appreciate your comment. Kontinye aprann toujou :)

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