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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Bonswa Mandaly! One quick question, I was looking to use the Creole word fonse, but I found so many definitions that I’m confused now. Can I use it to say –they broke the door–yo fonse pot la? Also what are other ways you can use that word? Thanks.

Use defonseto knock down, to dismount, to dismantle
They broke down the door…
Yo te defonse pòt la…..


fonse (sou) (verb) – to attack, to charge at, to assault
He charged at me like a bull.
Li fonse sou mwen kon yon towo bèf.

Fonse (verb) – to frown
She always has a frown.
Sousi l toujou fonse.

And then there’s anfonse
Anfonse – to sink
The more he tried to get out of the water, the deeper he sank.

Tank l t ap eseye soti nan dlo a se tank li t ap anfonse plis toujou.

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