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Sunday, April 5, 2015

hat does "pale sou lang" mean in english? Is "sou lang" used with other verbs? Does it carry other meanings?

pale sou lang - to have a lisp.

Non, we do not have any other expressions with  - sou lang.
but other expressions you can find with lang are:

vire lang - to change you word/story, to recant a story
lang alèlè - motormouth, blabbermouth
chat pran lang - cat's got one's tongue
bay kout lang - to to make false or damaging statements against someone

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  1. lang lou- heavy tongue

    Is also use for lisp

    1. You said:
      "lang lou- heavy tongue is also use for lisp "

      Mandaly says:

      Yes thanks :)
      Haitians also use 'lang lou' to describe a heavy language accent:
      Lang li lou lè l ap pale Kreyòl.

      Also they use 'lang lou' to describe someone that's unable to talk because of a strange anxiety or when in the presence of an evil being (people experience that in a dream state or when they're in between being asleep and awake):
      Pandan m sou kabann nan, nan fènwa a, mwen santi te gen de zombi nan pye kabann nan. Lang mwen vin lou, m pa t ka pale.