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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Mandaly, when a person says, "zafel", what does that mean? Whenever I hear this, it's usually said in a "not-caring" type of manner towards another person as a retort.

It means 'to take full responsibility what you're about to do',  it's your responsibility, it's on your head, sometimes it means 'who cares' ....'if you don't care then why should I care'

How to use it?
Use it with pronouns.

Zafè w or zafè pa w means it's your responsibility

Zafè l or zafè pa l means it's his responsibility

Zafè yo or zafè pa yo means it's their responsibility, it's on their heads

Get it?

Your friend has a bad habit of riding his bike without a helmet and every time you talk to him about it he doesn't listen. He knows the danger of riding without a helmet but he just doesn't care. So you'll say: Zafè pa w! Whatever happens to you is your fault!

another example:
Your other friend refuses to come to work on time and knows that she'll lose her job if she doesn't change this bad habit, but she doesn't care .... zafè pa l!

another example:
If they fall asleep on the job they'll get fired but they don't care and fall asleep anyways ....zafè pa yo!

one more example:
I might get arrested if I drive with a suspended license but I drive anyway.....zafè pa m!  it's my business

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