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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Hello, what are words for this verbal expression "to stand someone up" in creole? For example, "My date stood me up last night."

I have always used 'bay koutba' for that expression :)
bay koutba - to fail or deceive someone
ex: W ap ban m koutba.

Another expression for 'deceiving' or 'lying to someone' is 'woule de bò'
Ex: Poukisa w ap woule m de bò konsa? Ou genlè panse se yon ti moun mwen ye.

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  1. So "bay koutba" and "woule de bò" carry the same meaning as "to fail to show up for a meeting or a date"?

    1. Both expressions do not have to about a meeting or a date.
      They are first and foremost about lying, deceiving someone, or failing to keep a promise/word

  2. Are there more similar verbal expressions that is about lying, deceiving someone or failing to keep one's promise or word?

    1. Some of my favorite expressions are: woule. dodomeye, pase nan tenten, pase nan betiz, blo, bay bouden, pete, zonbifye, bafre, kamoufle, blofe and also twonpe.