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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Mandalay I love banane peze with pikliz. My friend showed me how to make it while I was in Haiti. How do you call the utensil used to flatten the plantain? Do you have any idea where I can buy it?

Yum yum!
It’s called pèz bannann in Haitian Creole.

Haitians are not the only one who makes bannann peze. Google tostonera or even plantain smasher, and you will find it online.

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  1. If it helps, I just use a flat spatula (the kind without the slats). I've also used the flat side of a wooden or ceramic coaster. I usually cover the top of the spatula with a paper towel because its usually really hot to the touch.

    Degaje pa peche...;)

    1. Awesome, Thanks.
      I have used saucer plates in place of pèz bannann at times

      Degaje pa peche vre :)