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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

what exactly is 'simagri' in Creole? I know about 'grimacing'. Someone told me it means gesture and I asked if it was any type of gesture like waving hello. She said no. What kind of gesture do you use this word for then? Thanks.

You can use it to describe gestures that are annoying, activities or patterns that are irritating, and even disorderly or hysterical conduct.

Let's say: a comedian/performer who's on stage trying to make funny gestures, but is not funny at all.
You can say: Misye moute sou podyòm nan, li fè yon bann simagri. Pa gen moun ki ri.

Let's also say: a grown person throwing a huge tantrum because he didn't get his way.
You can say: Misye lage kò l atè, li fè yon bann simagri.

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