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Friday, August 7, 2015

When someone says "ou metdam" what does that mean?

It means "You're clever."
mètdam - clever, quick-witted, ballsy, crafty

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  1. But I keep hearing it in a negative sense. Is it more like a smarty pants in a negative sense or intelligent in a positive way

    1. It is mostly in a negative way. But sometimes it could mean ballsy as in gutsy or defiant.

  2. Help me with the following please:
    Li METDAM nan jwe kat
    Mezanmi, gade jan yon timoun METDAM!

    1. Li mètdam nan jwèt kat. - He is an agressive card player. (May be willing to cheat in order to win)

      Mezanmi, gade jan yon timoun mètdam - My! what a crafty kid.
      This may be about a kid who has a lot of ruse, who's very crafty and resourceful at getting out of trouble.