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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

What does 2 gidon means in creole?

Actually it's 'lage de (2) gidon' which means to go after someone without giving them a break, to pursue tirelessly, to persist or also to harass.

You can say:
to pursue someone
lage de (2) gidon dèyè yon moun
lage de (2) gidon nan kò yon moun.

An example could be that you promised a friend that you'll lend him your bike and the friend keeps calling you day and night to ask you to bring him the bike. In Creole, you'd say, "Misye lage de gidon dèyè m pou m pote bisiklèt la ba li."

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  1. You can also include these verbal expressions in this category: lage de gidon nan siyay yon moun and lage de gidon nan dengon yon moun

  2. You're welcome. I like to contribute as much as I can about the haitian language to your wonderful and impacting site