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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

What does “assorossi” means in creole.

I think you mean 'asosi". Te asosi? non?
Here's a link for te asosi on the blog: te asosi.  Be sure to check the comment section as it may answer some of the questions that you have.

Dakò. Mèsi.

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  1. I really meant assorossi. System band has a song named assorossi.

    "Gadon chalè, assorossi mové", etc

    1. Hi, I think in this particular song system Band song asosi, asorosi or asowosi retains the sense of a medicinal tea or beverage. It seems that at times, in the song, they refer to it as an aphrodisiac.

    2. Thanks for the information but I have a question for you Sir, is this "asosi"is good for a pregnant woman?

  2. This is the link of the complete song on sound cloud.

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  4. How interesting life is. I just heard a relative of mine say "asorosi" just moments ago. I told her and my father that I learned it from here just days ago.