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Friday, October 23, 2015

What are words for "mindful" and "mindless" in creole?

Hi, I appreciate the examples that you gave with this question - I would rather have your own original sentences with your examples, otherwise we would have to cite and give references. Thanks.

According to the example that you gave you may translate mindful as sansib, konsyan, gen konsyans, gen respè or respekte. Depending on the context of the sentence you might have to use different Creole terms for the word mindful.
As far as the word mindless is concerned, a generic term is neglijan or manfouben.

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  1. Thank you. Sometimes I tend to be a little lazy and sometimes I feel that dictionaries provide good examples with appropriate context, which is why I use them, but I can give my own examples if you want to.

    1. Ok. I guess we can include the dictionary's example, but we may have to cite the references.

      Kenbe la :)