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Friday, October 23, 2015

What does “ Samedi jou baissé levé” means? There is also a song of shleu-shleu with that name.

In Haitian Creole we write  bese leve. In that context, it means housework, house chores, work or labor that requires physical efforts,  domestic work like cleaning, laundry (lesiv washing clothes by hand), etc.....

When I was growing up in Akayè our Saturdays was very busy with house chores, shopping at the market, cooking preparation (you know.... netwaye vyann pou semenn nan), cleaning, mopping and getting ready for Sundays. We also washed our hair on Saturdays.  We took our weekly medicine which was a laxative made of castor bean oil and some blended leaves....good stuff :)

Yes, jou bese leve se jou travay nan kay enpi, se jou tou,  pou fè lesiv ak ale nan mache.

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