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Friday, January 15, 2016

How do you say: “Put your hands down, please” and “wait your turn” and “don’t grab”? (the context is getting mobbed by kids trying to grab stickers or such out of your hands ;)

Awesome :)

Put your hands down, please.  
Desann men ou tanpri. (singular)
Desann men nou tanpri. (plural)

You may put your hands down.
Ou mèt desann men ou.
Nou mèt desann men nou.

Wait your turn.
Tann tou pa w.

Don't grab (them).
Pa fè va sou yo.

You can also say: Pa fè va sou mwen  which would mean don't mob / rush together towards me

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  1. Can you elaborate at all on the meaning of "fè va" in general? Sounds like a really useful expression!