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Monday, January 25, 2016

Question: Can the Creole word "men" have another meaning aside from "hand" or "but"? Could "men" translate to a contraction? I am trying to translate this sentence: "Oke kijan ye Men"

No. it is not a contraction of any word.

people usually say Kijan ou ye menm? it's an expression which means How are you?

As for the word men, you can use it in  other expressions and terms other than 'hand' or 'but'.
For example, men can translate here in this sentence Men ni/li. → Here it is.
Another example would be Men liv mwen te prete nan men w lan. which means Here's the book I borrowed from you. The first 'men' means 'here' and the second means 'hands'.

Don't forget that as a conjunction, men can also translate however, yet, still, etc...

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  1. Mesi anpil! That was very helpful :)

  2. Do people in Haiti ever say "Lanmen" for hand? or "mi as in "mi nonm-la ka moute"- look the man coming up?
    or "mi mwen la"- look me there?