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Friday, March 18, 2016

Just wondering if you know of any Haitian Proverbs related to gratefulness? Thank you!

Hi, a couple of proverbs about gratefulness:
Poul bwè dlo, men li pa bliye Bondye - Chickens drink water, but they don't forget God
Sonje lapli ki fè mayi leve - Remember the rain that makes corns grow.

And a couple of proverbs about ingratitude:
Ou pa ka chita sou kui bèf enpi w ap pale bèf mal - You can't sit on the cow's leather and then badmouth the cow.
Fè byen, granmesi nanpwen - There's never any thanks for good deeds
Granmesi bourik se kout baton - Gratefulness is shown to the donkey by whipping the donkey.

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