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Thursday, May 12, 2016

How do you say disturb or disturbance in creole. And also could you show the way the word "pete" is used?

disturb - annuiye, deranje

I'm very busy. Please don't disturb me.
Mwen okipe anpil. Tanpi pa deranje m.

Sorry to disturb you, but did you order ten boxes of pizza?
Eskze m si m deranje w, men èske w te kòmande dis bwat pizza?

Why do you keep disturbing me? I told you I was busy. Don't disturb me  again, you hear?.
Poukisa w ap pede annuiye m konsa? Mwen di ke m okipe. Pa deranje m ankò tande?

pete - to fart
pete - to explode, to pop
pete - to break out (the news)

I can't eat pizza, it makes me fart too much.
Mwen pa ka manje pizza, li fè m pete twòp.

You shouldn't fart in public like that. You should do that in private.
Ou pa dwe pete sou moun konsa. Ou dwe fè sa an prive.

Also, we say fè van for to fart

Li renmen fè van sou moun - He likes to fart in public
Pandan li t ap dòmi, li te fè yon bann van. - While he was sleeping, he farted a lot.

Pete - to explode, to pop

He popped the ballon. 
Li pete blad la.

To pop a pimple. 
Pete yon bouton.

Don't pop pimples on your face. It will leave a mark if you do.
Pa pete bouton nan figi w. Li va fè yon mak si w fè sa.

The car caught fire, and we got out just before it exploded.
Machin nan te pran dife e nou gentan soti anvan li pete.

Li pete bow!
It exploded boom!

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