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Thursday, May 12, 2016

How do you say ... or disturbance in creole. And also could you .......

disturbance (ruckus)  - lòbèy, deblozay, lobo, or kabouya

Jean caused a lot of disturbance at work when the boss fired him.
Jean te fè yon bann lobo nan travay la lè patwon an te revoke l.

disturbance (illness) - twoub
emotional disturbance - twoub mantal

This doctor also treats people with mental disorders.
Doktè sa a trete moun ki gen twoub mantal tou.

disturbance (shaking) - soukous, sakaj

We experienced a lot of disturbance during the flight today.
Avyon an te ban n yon bann soukous pandan vòl la jodi a.

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