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Sunday, May 1, 2016

M pa konprann espresyon "Te fè tè fè"? Pa egzanp .. chak pa l te fè te fè l vin pi pre vil Niniv. E m pa konprann espresyon "fè n fè tèl ou tèl" Pa egzanp "Pou rezon sa a, li posib pou yo pa konprann rezon k fè n fè tèl ou tèl bagay" Mesi pou Ed.

fè yon pa is an expression which means to take a step.
for example we can say.
Mwen p ap fè yon pa. - I will not take a step. (I won't move).
chak pa mwen - each step I take
chak pa nou - each step we take
chak pa li - each step he takes
chak pa li te - each step he took (this is the form used in your sentence, with a contracted 'l' for 'li')

and then, is also a verb that means to do, to make, to help, to fabricate, to produce, ...

Chak | pa   | li te fè   | te fè   | l      |  vin   | | pi      | pre   | Niniv
Each  | step | he took | made  | him | come | more   | near | Niniv

for the second question,
tèl means such 
and you have to remember that the verb fè may be translated as to make, or to do.

fè      |  n   | fè   | tèl     | ou     | tèl    | bagay
made | us | do   | such | or      | such  | thing

Pou rezon sa a, li posib pou yo pa konprann rezon ki fè nou fè tèl ou tèl bagay.
For this reason, it is possible that they do not understand the reason that made us do such or such things.

You'll see this form a lot:

Fè nou fè volonte ou. (or in the contracted version Fè n fè volonte w) - Make us do your will or Help us to do your will.
or sometimes you will hear fè nou fè sa - make us do this
Se li ki te fè m fè sa. It is him that made me do this (or He made me do this)

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