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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Hello again! I know I already asked a question today, but I have another. I asked someone what they are good at and they said Football. Then they said something I didn't understand: "Nan peyi nou an yo pa ankadre moun ki gen talon." I'm under the impression "ankadre" means "to frame" and maybe "ki gen talon" refers to ability to play soccer. Is he saying "In my country, they can't frame people who play soccer well"?

Yes, you got the literal translation well. I think he said, "Nan peyi nou an yo pa ankadre moun ki gen talan" which means "In our country they don't support people who have talents". He is referring to the poor sports infracstructure in the country. A lot of Haitians who live in Haiti are very talented athletes, but the country offers no training, equipments or environment to help nurture these talents.  There are many Haitians-born athletes, or athletes of Haitian descent in foreign sports team who are doing awesomely well,  but Haitians want to see Haitian athletes kicking butts at the World Cup or the olympics FOR Haiti most of all.

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