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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Thank you so much for your blog, I have learned so much!!! Men yon kesyon pou ou, Kijan yo di "birthmom or biological mom" nan kreyol? Is there a translation, or a way to get the concept across? Two of my boys are adopted and when I visit my friends in Haiti I want to explain they are adopted. Mesi anpil!!!

Hi. Thanks :)

There's not a specific word for birthmom

my birthmom - manman ki te ban m nesans
adoptive parent - paran adoptif
adoptive mom - manman adoptif
adopted child - pitit adoptif

I am not his birthmom. - Se pa mwen ki te ba li nesans.
I am not their birthmom. - Se pa mwen ki te ba yo nesans.
He's my adopted child. - Li se pitit adoptif mwen.
They are my adopted children. - Yo se pitit adoptif mwen

Some people tend to translate birthmom as vrè manman (true mom), do not use that translation.

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