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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

When do I use the word "sou"? Can I use it for all... "Turn on the light" "Place that on the table" "They are on their way"

Hi :)

There are many instances where you can use "sou":

as a preposition when you use on, on top of, over,
such as in your example: Place it on the table - Mete li sou tab la.
other examples:
The plane flew over our heads - Avyon an pase sou tèt nou.
on the third day - sou twazyèm jou an
on my belly - sou vant mwen

You can also use "sou" to say "about (regarding)"
We spent some time talking about the parking problem. - Nou te pase yon ti tan ap pale sou pwoblèm pakin nan. 
We already talked about it. - Nou te pale sou sa deja.

You can use "mache sou" to say "towards/close to a certain time".
Joseph t ap mache sou dizan depi l pa t wè manman l. - It was getting close to ten years since Joseph has seen his mother. (Or literally translated as Joseph was walking towards ten years since he had not seen his mother.)

You also use "sou" to describe an action that is repeated.
Li avèti sou avèti yo, men pyès moun pa t ap koute. - He warn them again and again, but no one was listening.
Nou eseye sou eseye kontakte li men li pa t janmen reponn. - We kept trying to contact her, but she never replied.

You can use "sou" or"sou sa" to describe whether you're in the mood for something or not.

Mwen pa sou manje jodi a. - I don't feel like eating today.
Mwen pa sou sòti. -  I don't feel like going out.
Mwen pa sou sa. - I am not interested. I am not in the mood for ...that.
Li pa sou sa. - He's not interested. He's not in the mood for ... that.
Mwen pa menm sou bò w. - I'm not even interested in what you're doing or what you have to say.
Mwen pa sou bò w. - I am not paying attention to you.
M ap pale ak ti Jo, li pa t menm sou bò m, se sou televizyon an sèlman je l rete kole. - I was talking to little Jo, he wasn't even interested in what I was saying, his eyes remained stuck to the television.

You would not use "sou" for:

on Mondays - le lendi
on Wednesdays - le mèkredi
I go to church on Sundays. - Mwen ale legliz le dimanch.

He will fly to New York on March 17th. - L ap vole ale New York le disèt (17) mas.

His birthday is on January 3rd. - Fèt li se le twa (3) janvye.

Turn on the light - Limen limyè a.
Turn on the television - Ouvri televizyon an. also Limen televizyon an
Turn on the radio - Ouvri radyo a. also Limen radyo a

They are on their way. - Yo nan wout. (sometimes, Yo sou wout)
I am on way. - Mwen nan wout.

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