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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Haiti, not a ‘shithole’ … I promise.

Great leaders are those who inspire people to be the best of themselves and to appreciate humanity. It takes a very small human being, so small that he cannot see further than his nose, to deny the beauty of diversity, as it stands before him, calling it a ‘shithole’. Coming from a leader with influential authority, this is an attempt to incite hatred and discrimination among those he influences. Only a wannabe leader could entertain such reckless behaviors and below average perspective. Haiti is a treasure. The people of Haiti are beautiful, they have great hearts, and always welcome foreigners with the warmest and most genuine smile.

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  1. With all due respect, Yes thats part of the problem we welcome foreigners that historically have not had our best interest at hand. If they had our best interest at hand they would leave empty handed, however it never quite happens that way. We are genuinely good people that have forgotten that the whites have not forgotten we were once the worlds richest colony and out of a careful European design became the worlds poorest nation.

  2. I have been to Haiti four times, twice with a cruise line to Labadee and twice with my church to work with children in Port-au-Prince. In both types of environments, I have seen the great beauty of Haiti. I can't wait to go back this August. M etidye kreyol chak jou :)

  3. I am very happy seeing someone talking about Haiti like that :). And so happy as well to know that you've visited four times. As for me I go every year I do miss home sometimes. (Lakay se lakay).

  4. Manually, You have a beautiful way with words. We have to keep faith that people of heart can get through these times together

  5. MD.Shameem Mridha
    I am very grateful you did share your knowledge here. It is an excellent post.Thanks for sharing your valuable thoughts
    with us & our readers

  6. I have also been to Haiti and I'm going back this month. It saddens me deeply that our leader would use such words, because he does not describe the beautiful Haiti and it's people that I know and love.