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Monday, September 3, 2012

Can "Sousi" mean something other than eyebrow? A creole book has the question "Eske Bondye gen sousi pou ou toutbonvre?" and the english version say's "Is God really interested in you?" Does sousi mean something else to or is that an expression?

Yes, it does mean translate to something other than 'eyebrow'
sousi (from the French noun souci - worry or care; and the French verb soucier - to care about, to worry about)

sousi n → care, concerns
sousye v. → to care for, to be interested in
gen sousi pou → to care for

1. Eske Bondye gen sousi pou ou?
   Does God care about you?

2. Mwen gen anpil sousi pou ou.
    I care a lot about you.

3.  Moun sa yo pa sousye de anyen.
     These people don't care about anything.
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  1. Oh thank you so much! Ive been studying haitian creole for a few months now and for the last month i have studied it everyday! Im so appreciative for your help and wonderful site!