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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Could you give a few examples of how to use "renk" or "renk sa" in a sentence?

renk → simply, only, merely, just...
renk sa is more like just that, simply that

1. Tout sa li fè se renk dòmi tout lajounen.
    All she does is just sleep all day.

2. Nou te envite tout moun nan fèt la, men se renk fanm yo sèlman ki vini.
    We invited everyone to the party, but only the ladies came.

3. Pyès moun pa konnen sa ki pral pase demen, renk Bondye ki konnen
    No one knows what will happen tomorrow, only God knows.

4. Tout chadèk sa yo pa pou mwen, renk sa ki nan panye a ki pa'm.
    All these grapefruits don't belong to me, only the ones in the basket are mine

5.  Anvan li te mouri li te di "Mèsi ou tout".  Renk sa sèlman l te di.
    Before she died she said, "Thanks for everything".  That's all she said.

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  1. I do not remember where I saw this, but I think in that context "renk sa" appeared like "to such a degree" or something.

    "Mwen gen dòmi renk sa m ta ka tonbe atè."

    Does this make sense?

    1. Yes, it does make sense.
      Aligned with to such a degree,it literally says that's all it takes, so much

      "Mwen gen dòmi, renk sa m ta ka tonbe atè."
      "I am sleepy, so much that I could fall on the floor."
      "I am so sleepy, I could fall on the floor."

      other examples with the same sentence construction:
      Mwen grangou anpil, renk sa mwen ta ka mouri.
      Li fache anpil, renk sa li ta bat ou.