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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Is the creole verb BAY (to give) used as the preposition TO sometimes? as in: Pote liv la BAY papa'w (bring the book TO your father)? I see this often...

Yes.  In these sentences it will translate prepositions like TO (or IN THE CARE OF), TOWARD, and sometimes FOR

1. Pote liv la bay papa'w.
    Bring the book to your father.

2. Pote liv la ban mwen.
    Bring the book to me.

3.  Pote'l ba yo.
     Bring it to them.

4. Pa vin kriye ban mwen.
    Don't come crying to me

5. Kite l ban mwen.  M'ap regle li.
    Leave it to me. I'll take care of it

6. Lonje** bebe a ban mwen. 
    Hand the baby to me.
    Hand me the baby.

lonje ba, lonje bay, or lonje ban → to hand over
Lonje papye a ban mwen → hand me the paper
Lonje kle a ba li → give him the key

7. Mwen te santi Bondye te vire do ban mwen.
    I felt as if God turned his back on me.

8.  Travay sa te ouvè anpil pòt ban mwen.
     This job opened many doors to me.

9. Paulette lage machin li a bay travayè yo, pou yo kab pote sak siman yo.
    Paulette left her car to the workers, so that they can carry the bags of cement.

10. Tanpri voye liv la ba yo pa lapòs.
     Please send the book to them by mail.
     Please send them the book by mail.
11. Mwen pa konprann pati sa.  Esplike'l ban mwen.
      I don't understand this part.  Explain it to me.

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