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Saturday, September 8, 2012

What does "foultank" mean? "Foultank nan prezans manman m" - title of Chapter IX "Zig Lavi"

This word foultank or foul tank is derived from the English full tank.
The author might say this of someone who's being brash, cheeky or defiant (as in a full tank of explosive gasoline ready to explode). That's the only thing I can come up with.
Creole speakers do say Foul tank mwenFill up my car
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  1. The context (now that I have read the chapter) is of an extremely impoverished boy who has been sent to live with his cruel relatives so he can go to school. He wakes up to find his mother at his side, which instantly makes him feel overwhelmed with joy and re-energizes him (gives him a "full tank"). Thank you again!

  2. "M pase rès nwit lan foultank nan tche wòb manman mwen."

    1. Love love love this example! That brings 'foultank' into perspective for me. Thanks!