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Monday, November 12, 2012

do you got the lyrics to il est le roi le roi il est le seigneur de seigneur in kreyol

Yes, I am very familiar with that song.  A lady from L'Eglise De Dieu de la Prophetie de Miami #2 named Sè Jakòt used to sing it in Creole.  And these were her exact lyrics:

Jezi se wa dè wa
Li se le Senyè dè Senyè
Non li se Jezi, Jezi, jezi!
O! Jezi se Wa!

she used to add:

Si m pa gen sovè m nan
Kouman m ta fè mache (3 fwa)
Si m pa gen sovè m nan
Kouman m ta fè mache 
Kouman m ta fè mache tout bon

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