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Monday, November 12, 2012

Fish heads is considered disgusting to eat, especially the eyes. Is it the same in Haiti?

I didn't know that it was.  You can make some good bouyon and soup with fish heads (tèt pwason).  And if the fish is fried, you just eat the crunchy meat off the head.  As far as the fish eyes is concerned, it has no taste.  It does feel like wax or plastic under your teeth, but some kids like to eat it until it becomes a small pearly pellet.  I'm not sure if that would be considered disgusting here in the US.
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  1. Well if you ever lived with mostly the elders they would they you that's the best part for children to eat because it will help you with your memory. I still don't know of it's true or not or if it is a way to give us the least eating part so they can have the best part. But Haitian do eat fish head

    1. Yes Haitians still say that eating fish head will make your memory sharp.
      Lè w'ap manje tèt pwason nan sòs ak tèt pwason nan bouyon, se koupe dwèt. Ou souse zo yo jouk tan ou jwenn brenn pwason. Se bèl lavi:)