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Monday, November 12, 2012

Hi, I teach Head Start 3 year olds and several speak Haitian Creole. I would like to perform a simple Christmas song. Do you have sugestions? I do not speak it. LOL but am willing to learn. Thanks

Perhaps the most common Haitian Creole Christmas song is Depi lontan nan Bètleyèm sung to the tune of Long Time Ago in Bethlehem
Maybe one of the kids' parents can help you with the rhythm.

Depi Lontan Nan Bètleyèm (Long Time Ago in Bethlehem)


Depi lontan nan Bètleyèm, se labib ki di nou sa
Pitit gason Mari a, Jezi te fèt nan jou Nowèl la

Koute zanj yo ap chante, louwanj sot nan syèl la
Lèzòm ap viv etènèlman akoz de jou Nowèl la

Jozèf ak madanm ni Mari, te rive nan vil Bètleyèm
Pa’t gen plas pou Mari akouche, menm yon chanm yo pa’t kapab jwenn

Tande zanj yo ap chante, louwanj sot nan syel la
Lèzòm ap viv etènèlman akoz de jou Nowèl la

you'll find other songs at this link : Some christmas songs

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