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Friday, November 16, 2012

ou pa bezwen mawon (maron)... if i understand this literally it says you don't need brown? is this an expression?

mawon (here is a verb)to avoid, to elude, to stay clear of, to run away, to shun away from  (if that's good English :-\)

1.  Li mawon.
     He ran away.

2. Li mawon nou.
    He eluded us.

3. Ou pa bezwen mawon.
   You don't need to hide.
   You don't need to avoid me/us

4.  Depi li te wè machin polis la rive, li te gentan mawon.
     Once he saw the police car arrive, he was already gone.

5.  Vwazen m nan dwe'm lajan, se pou sa li mawon m.
      My neighbor owes me money, that's why she's avoiding me.

6.  Poukisa ou mawon'm konsa?
     Why are you avoiding me?

7. Depi yo te fin kenbe'l ap kase kay la, li te mawon katye a.
    Since they caught him burglarizing the house, he stayed clear of the neighborhood.

mawon as adjective

8. Machin li gen yon koulè mawon.
    His car has a brown color.
    His car is brown.

9. mawon in other expressions

nèg mawon → "runaway slave"
chat mawon → wild cat, burglar
zèb mawon → wild plants/grass

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