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Friday, November 16, 2012

what does "kichoy" mean? and how do you use it?

Kichòything, something, a handout, a gift, can also mean a misdeed

1. Fè yon ti kichòy pou mwen.
    Do something for me.
    Help me out

2.  Mwen pa mande w kichòy, mwen mande sèlman pou w respekte m.
     I don't ask you for anything, I only ask that you respect me.

3. Mwen te pote yon ti kichòy pou ou.
    I've brought you a little something.

4.  Se pou nou padone moun ki fè nou kichòy.
     We must forgive people who does things to us.
      We must forgive people who do us wrong.

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  1. Ki diferans ki genyen ant "bagay" ak "kichòy?"

    1. The word kichòy is inherited from the indigenous people of Haiti who inhabited the island before Christopher Columbus discovered it in 1492.

      Some words in the Haitian Creole come from the indigenous people. Some come from the African slaves who came to the island from different regions in Africa. Some words come the Spanish explorers, and others from the French during colonization times.

      kichòy is a regional variation of the words that mean thing in H. Creole: bagay, chòy, choz, kichòy.

      You'll find that in some remote provinces of Haiti (I have observed the South) Haitians tend to use the word kichòy instead of bagay. But as you move toward the urban areas Haitians mainly use bagay.

      And nowadays in the cities of Haiti, if someone says kichòy they are most likely to mean little thing, a little something, not a big thing as opposed to bagay which means thing, something.