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Sunday, November 11, 2012

remote, outback area here in croatia we have some slang expressions relating to this words..when someone lives far from civilisation we say he,she lives behind God's legs or in area to which God said good bye long time ago...and so many others

That's an interesting expression :)
Our Haitian Creole expression for "behind God's legs" is Nan peyi pèdi or Nan ziltik

1. Li abite jouk nan ziltik.
    He lives in a remote area.

2. Fèt la te mèt fèt jouk nan ziltik m'ap la.
   Even if the party's happening in a remote area, I'll be there.
   Whereever the party is at, I'll be there.

3. Moun sa yo abite jouk nan peyi pèdi. L'ap pran omwens de jou pou rive la.
   These people live in a very remote area. It'll take at least two days to get there
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