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Sunday, November 11, 2012

there's no accounting for taste (Creole?)

O O! I think I might miss the Creole translation for this one :)
So let me make sure.....
by "accounting" you mean "balance, consideration" here?
by "taste" you mean "perception, good sense, good judgment, finesse" here?
I just realized I'm English-challenged :-\

There's no accounting for taste.
Pa gen okenn konsiderasyon pou bon sans.

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  1. i meant when some people take freedom to unjustly criticize other peoples' taste in music or food...
    you know those kind of situations

    1. Oh... mwen konprann...

      so "taste", here, is about culture or cultivation.

      We can translate this as:
      Pa gen konsiderasyon pou kilti
      There's no consideration for culture (literal)
      Gen yon mank konsiderasyon pou kilti/sivilizasyon.
      There's a lack of consideration for culture (literal)

  2. sort of..i meant on situation when someone judge someone's taste in this or that (food,music,clothing, etc.) what's, frankly speaking, impolite and not appropriate
    we cannot discuss other peoples tastes
    gen anpil bri nan chanm mwen an e mwen pa concentrate on typing lol...