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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

touye m rache m..? as in "touye m rache m map fe ou kite frekan"

That's a threat.

Touye'm rache'm no matter what, whatever it takes, at any cost

Touye'm rache'm, m'ap fè w kite frekan.
At any cost, I'll make you pay for your insolence

At any cost, I'll scare the impertinence out of you.

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  1. Whoa, where did that sentence come from?

    1. It does sound radical.
      During the colonial times, killing a slave and cutting them into pieces was unfortunately a reality.

      Touye m, rache m (expression)
      kill me, chop me (literally)
      So you can translate it as:
      Whatever you do to me
      Whether you kill me, or chop me into pieces
      whatever the consequence
      I swear

      You may see this in your reading:
      Touye'm rache'm, mwen renmen w.
      Whatever the consequences, I love you.

      Touye'm rache'm, mwen p'ap janm tounen lakay.
      No matter what, I'll never go back home.