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Monday, December 10, 2012

did you ever watch languichatte? do you know what happened to all the characters, languichatte himself, azibe, melanie, etc.?

Yes I watched it regularly in Haiti.
The character Languichatte (Theodore Beaubrun) died some time in the late 1990s.  I think he had Parkinson disease.
Theodore Beaubrun was the spokesperson in many commercials on Haitian TVs.
He played in other Haitian films and pyesèt.  He was the one who played Simidò in the film Gouverneurs de La Rosée in the mid 1970s (1974 or 1975?)
The character Melanie (Ginette Beaubrun) who played Languichatte's servant was actually his wife in real life.
Matout, the character that played Languichatte's wife did a lot of theater work in Haiti and overseas many years after Mr. Beaubrun's death.
The characters who played  Melanie, Mantout and Azibe had reunited and did some plays together (I think in New York or Miami).
You might be able to find some of their work on Youtube
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  1. Banabe, Theodoore Beaubouin Jr., son's of Theodore Beaubouin aka Languchat, (Lòlò) is the the lead singer and co-founder of the popular Boukman Ekperans. Azibe passed away couple years, I believe and they recently hosted an life achievement award ceremony for Mantout somoewhere in the East coast (New York, I believe).

    1. Thanks for the additional insight. I appreciate this :)