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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

"Enben, di m a ki le ou ta renmen manje yon bagay avek mwen menm e madanm mwen aswe a". Is there anything wrong grammatically? Forgive me for not having grave accents. Mesi, Kreyol Lwiziyen

"Enben, di m a kilè ou ta renmen manje yon bagay avèk mwen menm ak madanm mwen aswè a."

I would rather say "mwen menm AK madanm mwen". Other than that, there's nothing wrong with it.

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  1. Madanm Mandaly,

    Thank you! I should have remembered that Kreyol
    uses "ak (avek)" instead of "e" when linking. I
    tend to be influenced by Spanish and French in this area. But, for the record, if one used "e"
    instead of "ak" would it sound uneducated?

    Mesi anpil,

    Kreyol Lwiziyen

    1. No, not at all.
      In this case, I was thinking that "e" sounds too "French". You'll see that Haitians tend to say:
      mwen menm ak ou
      mwen menm ak madanm mwen
      mwen menm ak ti fi sa.
      Mwen menm ak tout moun

      It flows better than "e", in Creole.