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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Good ideas! Actually I maked my tattoo yesterday... I´m sad because I wrote wrong! "Jezi, renmen ou pouvwa pou chase tout pè"... I hope that not insult this people or their culture. I don´t want to be misinterpret. In Portuguese make sense. Thanks a lot.

Oh man! I don't know what to say....
But don't be sad about it. It is not insulting at all.  It's just sounds like a kind of "Creole baby talk"
Now if you can do damage control, ... Are you able to turn the word "POU" between "POUVWA" and "CHASE" into an image or something?  ... an image like a heart, a cross, a face, or anything at all.
That way, it will read: "Jezi, renmen ou pouvwa ♥chase tout pè."

If you're able to do that, you would save the tattoo.
The sentence will actually mean "Jesus, you love can chase all fears" with the word pouvwa (from the French pouvoir meaning to have the power/ability) translating "can".

If not, I guess it's still alright...

NOW MY NEXT QUESTION TO YOU IS: Where is that tattoo?  With all these words, I am thinking a large area like your back, belly, or ....butt?

Best of luck to you, my friend.  Stay positive :)

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