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Thursday, December 27, 2012

I have heard my mom use this verb "mandjangwe"; she says it means "mele" "to mix" in English but I am not sure. This word sounds great. So,what does this word really mean? What is all its definitions?

Where, in Haiti, is your mom from?
I've only heard this word once (or twice) from a guy who loved to write poems, songs, and stories in Creole. I think he was from Jeremie (I don't remember).  This guy loved to quote famous Haitian writers.  And sometimes he could spend hours speaking like if he came out of a Haitian-tale book.
Anyways, madjangwe, in Mr. Marcelin's book, meant sakaje, bay move soukous, depafini, filange, tchake.  In English that's to rattle, to agitate, to consume, to gnaw 

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  1. My Mom is from Gonaïves. I don't know if other people from Gonaïves say this or if she heard this from people from another region of Haiti.