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Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New year. (This is a re-post)....

Happy New Year / New year wishes in Haitian Creole

January First (in Creole)
Premye janvye

December 31st (New Year's Eve)
Lavèy joudlan
Tranteyen desanm 

New Year's Service
Sèvis tranteyen desanm

Happy New Year!
Bòn Ane!

Have a happy new year!
Pase yon bòn nouvèl ane!
A lot of Haitians say: Prosperite! Lonjevite!

May this new year bring you a heart full of love.
Se pou nouvèl ane sa pote yon kè plen ak lanmou pou ou.

I wish you good health, overflowing joy, and lots of happiness for this new year.
Mwen swete w bòn sante, yon jwa imans, ak anpil kè kontan pou nouvèl ane sa a.

Hope this year brings you lots of happiness.
Se pou ane sa pote anpil kè kontan pou ou.

Here's to a new year filled with health, propesrity, love and faith.
Pou yon nouvèl ane plen ak bòn sante, pwosperite, lanmou, ak lafwa.

May every beautiful day of this new year reminds you of God's love for you.
Se pou chak bèl jou nan nouvèl ane sa fè w panse ak lanmou Bondye pou ou.

Peace, love, and joy to you in this New year!
Lapè, lanmou, ak lajwa pou ou nan nouvèl ane sa a!

May all the charms of the New Year be yours!
Mwen swete w tout bote nouvèl ane a pote!

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