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Monday, December 10, 2012

"ing" at the end of "They wanted to tell me what they were thinking."

1. "They wanted to tell me what they were thinking." 
     "You te vle di m sa yo t'ap panse."

2. She was just sitting there crying.
    Li te jis chita la, ap kriye.

3. I'm thinking of you.
    M'ap panse ak ou.

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  1. Wait wait... I can use "ak" like:

    "M'ap panse ak ou"? (thinking 'about' you)

    Is this more natural than...

    "M'ap panse sou ou" or "M'ap panse osije ou" ?

    1. Yes, it is (more natural).

      But you can say:
      Panse m sou ou.
      Lide m sou.

      I'm thinking of you.

      Depi maten lide m sou ou.
      I've been thinking of you since this morning.

      Depi lotrejou panse m sou timoun yo.
      Since the other day I've been thinking of the kids.

      Also: "panse m frape sou ou", or "lide'm frape sou ou"
      Chak fwa lide m frape sou ou, m santi m kontan
      Every time I think of you I feel happy.