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Thursday, January 10, 2013

How does "TOUT BRAV NAN SIMITYE" and "KRAPO ANTERE MANMAN'L" mean the same thing?

I think the second one is Kapon antere manman li.
Both expressions are about cowards outliving brave people.

Tout brav nan simityè.
All the braves are in the cemetery.
You know the braves are the heroes that run to the front line of the battle and ultimately die, while the cowards hide safely under a rock.
This expression also means that a living person is a "cautious" person.

the second sentence,
Kapon antere manman l
The cowards bury their mother.
You know, cowards live long enough to bury their parents.  But brave people, intrepid and fearless as they are, get buried by their parents.

Did you make the connection between the two expressions?
Now my question is, Is there an English equivalent for these expressions?  Thanks :)

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