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Saturday, January 26, 2013

i am currently teaching my cousin to speak kreyol. i am using a book i bought on amazon but because i'm busy it can take a while to have to type everything from the book. do you have any suggestions as to what i should be teaching her? without the use of the book?

If you've got a book in your hands, full of good stuff I assume, I doubt that there's anything I can tell you in one blog post that you could not have found in the first two chapters of this book.

And, why are you typing stuff from the book?   How about buying an extra book so that your cousin could have a copy too?  

My advice is to stick with the book - get your money's worth.  Join a H. Creole speaking club or something. Have your cousin go to a local H. Creole class if you're too busy to teach her - and you can still get to practice conversation with her in your free time over dinner, at bowling, at the laundromat, etc...

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