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Monday, January 28, 2013

In front of me and behind me - also, to my side? please

devan m (or douvan m) → In front of me
1.  Mwen jwenn li.  Li la a devan mwen.
     I've found it. It's right there in front of me.

2.  Pou jwenn legliz la, swiv wout ki devan w lan enpi w'a wè li.
     To find the church, follow the road in front of you and then you'll see it.

dèyè m → behind me
3.  Fanmi ki rete dèyè nou an se Ayisyen.
     The family who lives behind us is Haitian.

4. Kanpe dèyè m pou w ka trape m si m tonbe.
    Stand behind me so that you can catch me if I fall.

sou kote m (or bò kote m) → to my side, at my side, near me
5. Eske ou konnen non mesye ki kanpe sou kote m nan, nan foto sa a?
    Do you know the name of the man who's standing at my side in his picture?

6.  Si'w bezwen deplase pou yon minit, ou mèt kite valiz ou yo sou kote m nan, m'a veye yo pou ou.
     If you need to move about for a minit, you may leave your bags next to me, I'll watch them for you.

anlè mwen (anlè tèt mwen) → over my head (location)
7. Avyon an pase anlè nou san li pa fè okenn bri.
   The airplane flew over us without making any noise.

anba m → under me.
8. Vwazen ki abite anba nou an toujou ap goumen.
    The neignbors who live under us are always fighting.

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