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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Is it true that the opposite of BYEN is LENNMI an Creol? do you have examples for both in a sentence?

I guess, yes sure,  if both are used as verbs where byen means to be friends with and lennmi means to not be friends with someone, to not be on speaking terms.

byen v. → to be friends
lennmi, fè lennmi ak → to not be in good terms with

1. Nou byen.
   We are friends.

2. Ti mesye sa yo byen anpil depi yo tou piti.
    These guys have been friends since they were little.

3. Mwen konnen li.  Nou byen lontan.
    I know him.  We've been friends for a long time.

4. Mwen pa konn sa k'ap pase Kenny ak Ben. Yon lè yo byen, yon lè yo pa byen. Se toujou konsa avèk yo.
   I don't know what's up with Kenny and Ben.  One minute they're friends and the next minute they're ennemies.  It's always like that with them.

5. Nan resepsyon an, pa mete Jeanne chita bò kote Mireille.  Medàm sa yo pa byen non.
    At the reception, do not have Jeanne sit near Mireille.  These women are not on speaking terms.

6.  Depi jou m te rele lapolis pou vwazen m nan li fè lennmi avè m.
     Since the day I called the police on my neighbor, he stopped talking to me.

7. Poukisa ou lennmi mwen?  Kisa m te fè w?
    Why are you not friends with me?  What did I do to you?

8. Si m pa mete fatra yo deyò, madanm mwen va lennmi avè'm.
    If I don't put the garbage out, my wife will stop talking to me.

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